Desert Bloom
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Founding Philosophies:

What would happen if one day we all suddenly behaved as though horses could understand everything we say?  Next time you are riding... just imagine the possibility... see what happens. 

We love horses for being horses - herd members, powerful, expressive, communicative, prone to flight, athletes... Horses ought to be turned out with room to stretch their legs and to play with one another.  Daily grazing and wholesome nutrition is important to their well-being.    Often there is a natural solution to "problem horses" - it may be nutritious, physiological, or simply born of too much confinement.  All horses enjoy fresh air and sunshine.  Each horse is an individual, just as each of us are individuals. Glorious gifts are unveiled when we listen to others.  

Horses can hear what we honestly put forth and if we learn how to truly listen, thenwe can hear them too.  My most awesome training breakthroughs have come from speaking candidly from my heart while being open to god's promise that "anything is possible for those who believe". It's a huge relief when someone actually touches and responds to our true self and not just to the outer facade we may wear in public.  This relief is felt by horses and humans alike.

There is hardly anything more personal than moving as one.

Life is full of limitless or limiting (it is each individuals choice!) possibility. It is exhilarating to ride astride this inspirational potential.  Desert Bloom's origins are in the type of passion which invigorates the world. Desert Bloom Horse Training is a labor of love rooted  in frank, clear, no b.s. communication

Joel and Rachel Maloney have over 25 years combined experience training horses in the western United States.  Native to southern Arizona, Joel has a reputation for his keen ability handling wily cattle over the roughest desert terrain.  The best cowboys know that a great horse who is well-cared for makes all the difference in getting work done efficiently.  Joel has also competed in many ranch rodeos, and starts around fifteen horses under saddle annually.  Many of these horses he has the opportunity to put a good finish on and consider them solid mounts after many months and years and some he just puts between one to three months on and sends them along to their owners to continue their training from there. While Rachel's paternal family homesteaded in Northern Arizona in the 1800's, she grew up competing primarily in English sports of hunter-jumpers, saddleseat, and endurance. Alongside numerous human mentors, horses have played the greatest role in teaching these Maloneys how to train effectively.  Desert Bloom provides a very well-rounded foundation for introducing horses to under saddle work.  Allowing horses, even high-end performance horses, to live as naturally as possible is a cornerstone of our program.  Many of the horses we start and train excel in performance careers, which we have a lot of fun with, and with enough time, all of them become solid working and pleasure mounts. Rachel and Joel spend most hours of each day in the saddle.  Their passion is clearly expressed in the way that they take care of their Bar JM beef cattle, prepare for competition, prowl desert terrain, shoe, and give lessons.   Proof of success is in horses willing attitudes, shiny coats, and the consistently improving ability of both equine and human students. 

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