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Desert Bloom Horse Training

Training with Full Care Board

$150 travel is included in cost

Farrier Services

Board without a Training package

$100 full shoe (pads, aluminums, draft and special needs cost more)

$75 half shoe

$45 trim

4 sessions per week - $700/monthly

5 sessions per week - $800/monthly

6 sessions per week - $900/monthly

These package rates are a way for us to offer a lot of one-on-one training time for a reasonable price.  To get the most transformational value, we recommend a minimum of two to three months.  Each individual is different in how, and how quickly, they process information.  Yet across the board we see lasting changes for those who are given months and years of consistent daily handling to solidify into habit these lessons, and ultimately, this way of being a responsible and well-educated equine.

Individual Lessons & Rides

$350/monthly includes weekly grooming

Winter Body Clip

Guided Rides in Scenic Country - inquire for prices

Reciprocation - noun.'a mutual giving and receiving'


$15 travel fee for locations further then 30 miles from 85602

Competition Fees - inquire for prices